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Data Protection

Explanation and use of cookies on our website

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Why are cookies used on our website?

The cookies are used to record demographic and user-relevant data. This with the background of adapting the content and advertising accordingly.

Use of personal data

Your personal data will never be passed on to third parties unless you consent to this. No personal data will be stored without your express consent (e.g. when registering, purchasing, or participating in surveys, etc.).

In the areas mentioned in our examples, such as registration, etc., the following are recorded, among other things: name, address, zip code, e-mail address, gender, age, and any interests and hobbies.

The personal data provide information, e.g. to complete a purchase or a service, individually tailored to the individual. The information will be treated confidentially. These applications can be part of studies and analyses aimed at improving our products, services, and technologies. Furthermore, content and advertisements can be tailored more specifically to your interests and hobbies.

Contact about personal data

If you would like access to the data recorded about you at Tiny House Factory GmbH, please contact: info@tiny-hygge.com or by phone: +49 (0)4635 996 96 77. If the data recorded is incorrect or you have other objections, please also contact the above mail - Address or phone number. You have the option to object to a registration based on the data protection guidelines.

Protection of personal data

According to the data protection act, your personal data will be kept safe and treated confidentially. We store your personal information on computer systems with limited access. These systems are checked regularly to determine whether our usage information is being used correctly; this against the background of your personal rights as a user.

One limitation, however, is that we cannot provide 100% protection for data transmission over the Internet. Specifically, this means that there could be a risk that other, unauthorized persons could gain access to the data. You enter your personal data at your own risk.

Your personal data will be deleted or anonymized as soon as the purpose described above has been completed. Personal information is stored for a maximum of 12 months.

The rapid development of the Internet requires a constant change in the treatment of personal data. We reserve the right to make updates and changes to this policy for processing personal data. If there are significant changes, we will inform you immediately in the form of a visible notice on our website.

According to data protection guidelines, you have the right to the protection of your personal data. If information or data about you is incorrect or misleading, you have the right to request that it be corrected, deleted or blocked. It's your choice:

To object to the corresponding data at any time

You can withdraw your consent at any time

You have the possibility to complain about the treatment of information and data about you to the "data protection".