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Extra - included in the price - final cleaning

The final cleaning is done for you, to always offer the following guests a nice and clean tiny house. Tenants are responsible for keeping the apartment clean at all times during their stay, e.g. cleaning the stove, grill or oven after use.


At the request of the customer, the landlord will - as far as possible - make rebookings up to 60 days before the start of the stay. The landlord charges a rebooking fee of EUR 60.00 for this. The customer has the right to prove at any time that no or lower costs than the above rebooking fee have been incurred as a result of the rebooking. Subsequent changes or rebookings can only be made after cancellation of the contract under the above conditions with simultaneous new registration.


These conditions apply to rental contracts concluded through the mediation of Tiny House Factory GmbH between the tenant and the owner (landlord). Tiny House Factory GmbH is not responsible for the accuracy of the information in the catalogue. Intermediary liability is limited to gross negligence and wilful misconduct.


The tenant's reservation is binding. The deposit must be paid before the date specified in the reservation. At the same time, the tenant hereby accepts the rental conditions, which are an integral part of the rental agreement. The balance of the rent must also be paid on the date indicated. The rent consists of instalments (1st instalment, 2nd instalment and the balance of the rent).


The tenant is obliged to treat the tiny house and everything belonging to it with care and attention, as the tenant is liable for any damage caused by him or the persons accompanying him.


If personal circumstances or force majeure (war, strike, natural disasters, etc.) prevent the tenant from exercising the right to rent under the lease, this does not release the tenant from his payment obligation.


Tiny House Factory GmbH reserves the right, in case of breach of contract by the owner, processing errors or the like, either to refund the rent or to replace the rented Tiny House with another. If the latter Tiny House is cheaper than the one originally rented, the difference will of course be refunded.


Tiny House Factory assumes no responsibility for any changes in external conditions that are not directly related to the apartment, for example: changes in bathing conditions, fishing rights, increases in local taxes and fees, closure of public transport, closure of shops, road and other work.

This also applies to reductions in holiday quality due to climate change or local restrictions (e.g. bathing bans, pool closures, etc.)


Tiny House Factory GmbH is authorised to increase the rental price/charge for consumption accordingly in the event of price increases, higher taxes and charges or changes in exchange rates, subject of course to clear documentation.


Any complaints about the condition of the house must be notified to the landlord immediately after moving in, but no later than 24 hours after your arrival or the discovery of the damage, so that we can remedy the shortcomings. The tenant must give the landlord a reasonable time to remedy/repair the defects. A complaint or objection due to defects notified within 24 hours will always be considered as an objection from the beginning of the rental period. If the tenant leaves the tiny house without informing the landlord of any defects/deficiencies, this behaviour releases the landlord from any obligation to reimburse.

Unsatisfactory condition of the cottage must be notified immediately on the day of arrival.

The landlord does not accept complaints due to the fact that other tenants may have received a better tiny house than the one described in the catalogue.

The landlord's liability is limited to direct economic damage and can never exceed the total rent. The lessor cannot be held liable for indirect damage or damage of a non-economic nature (ideal damage).


Noise: While you're on holiday, everyday life around your resort continues. Therefore, noise disturbance may occur. The landlord cannot be held responsible for this.


As some holiday homes are located in Denmark, they are subject to Danish law and any disputes concerning the rental agreement must be brought before a Danish court in accordance with Danish law.